Evolving Life Innovation

The ELI Guardian

A new ecological multi-layer technological device designed to absorb wireless signals from your cellphone, Wi-Fi, and wireless computer products, and use this absorbed power to re-energize and improve the quality of your drinking water and the water in your body.
Safety, Quality and Vitality in a single device.

For a Natural Life

The ELI Guardian technology is used in different products and helps to promote a more natural lifestyle by using a potentially negative and unhealthy power source to generate a new beneficial energy. The ELI ecological technology is scientifically tested and patented.
No batteries needed!

Energizing Water

The device generates an energetic vibration which re- structures the water and allows it to regain its natural vitality,the way water is in nature! The re-structured water tastes fresh and bubbly and you feel uplifted.
Your own detox drink for daily vitality and cleansing.

Absorbing Wireless

It works by absorbing on average 25% of the wireless radiation from your Cellphone, Wi-Fi, and wireless computer equipment, and using this absorbed power to generate a new beneficial energy. Novel and safe approach in protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Using potentially harmful cellular radiation and transforming it to benefit the water we drink

This is a real Gold-Plated product range.

The spiral receiving antenna is coated with gold. You are owning something that is beneficial to you and is a quality product – it looks good, feels good and is functional and practical And it makes you feel good as well! You feel healthier, and more uplifted, and more in tune with your life!
Get all our product benefits for you… your family, friends, and loved ones… your employees and business…
Or just experience the JOY of giving someone a gift!
Start using the ELI Guardian products today and enjoy more natural, re-vitalized, and refreshed drinking water!

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ELI Product’s Benefits

Absorbs harmful wireless radiation.
Refreshes and improves the quality of water.
Quality and style combined with real function.
Maintenance free for a lifetime of protection.
No batteries needed.
Easy to use.

  • “…As a result I feel more at ease in myself and I have become far more present in my daily life.”

    Deborah, U.K.
  • “…ever since I purchased the ELI Guardian Tag, Badge, and Coaster I have so much more vitality to play with my kids and also to have energy to exercise as well!”

    Diana, U.S.
  • “The first thing I noticed after wearing the Guardian Tag around my neck was increased vitality….”

    Alexander, U.S.
  • “I also recently started going back to the gym to exercise after not going for many years. I make sure to drink the ELI Guardian treated water before and after my workouts and I have been surprised at how well I’ve been recovering…”

    Avril, Canada