Evolving Life Innovations (ELI)

Evolving Life Innovations (ELI) believe first and foremost that life is a system of relationships based on intelligent co-operation.
The co-operation between ELI and Radiant Life Technologies (RLT) is based on the pioneering spirit and inclusiveness of man, and is guided by the wonder and inspiration inherent in exploring life!
ELI is always open and ready to collaborate with companies and individuals that inspire, uplift,

ELI develops technology

and promote a healthy lifestyle and self-sufficiency.
ELI develops technology in support of the natural process of life, using research into life’s natural order and dynamics.
The products and services we offer are based on this research, and we hope they will serve to inspire us all into finding a life that supports co-operation between man, nature, and technology.

Radiant Life Technologies (RLT)

Radiant Life Technologies (RLT) is a growing international business of like-minded individuals who began coming together to find ways to help people to help themselves.
RLT’s approach has been to pool their own financial, entrepreneurial and technical resources to promote the empowerment of the individual through the medium of holistic self-sufficiency.

RLT’s vision is to pioneer technology

RLT’s vision is to pioneer technology that will benefit men and women in claiming their own power by becoming ever more holistic in the development of sustainable self-sufficiency.